What’s the best part of Thanksgiving?

That the weather is great.

Or that you get to play the lottery?

Well, for one lucky fan, it’s both.

The official Twitter account for the Disney Channel’s Happy Thanksgiving tweeted out a picture of a ticket to the show’s Christmas episode, titled “Holidays, Happy Holidays” with the caption: “Huge, huge ticket sales, the best ever.”

It is, indeed, the most successful episode of the Disney channel’s Christmas catalog.

The episode, which aired last month, sold out in seconds.

In the tweet, which has since been deleted, the account claimed that the episode was a huge hit.

“It was the biggest Christmas episode ever.

It was an incredible show,” said the account, which also claims that Disney paid out $2.5 million in bonus tickets.

“And we have two big tickets, two big wins, a $500,000 bonus for everyone.”

The tweet was followed by a video from Disney that claimed that “Holly’s” parents, Nancy and Bob, are celebrating the show in “their home, on a very special Christmas night.”

The two-minute video was posted on the account for a holiday themed Christmas party hosted by Nancy’s daughter, Holly, who was playing the lottery.

“We’ll be in the big room,” Holly said, while her dad watched the video on his computer.

The video is the first part of a two-part celebration.

The first part is titled “It’s Christmas, Happy Holiday,” and it is posted on Nov. 30, followed by the “Holiday Night” episode, where Holly plays the lottery with her mom, who has been working part-time at the mall.

In this second part, Holly plays a lottery in her parents’ living room, where she has a large, Christmas tree and presents.

The Christmas video is just the latest to feature the two-episode Christmas special, which is scheduled to air on Dec. 1.

In a press release, Disney also noted that the Christmas episode was the most watched episode of Disney Channel history.

“Disney Channel’s Christmas is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year with more than 3.6 million viewers watching it on Christmas Eve, and a record 1.2 million viewers tuning in to watch the Thanksgiving episode on Nov 22,” the press release read.

“The Thanksgiving episode had the most views of any Disney Channel Christmas episode to date and was the #1 broadcast in the Christmas quarter on cable and satellite.”

Disney has not revealed the exact ticket sales that went into the episode.

But in a recent press release from Disney, it said that more than $8.4 million of tickets were sold.

Disney Channel released a statement about the show, saying: “We are very excited to bring another special season of Happy Thanksgiving to viewers around the world this year.”

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