When the first newspaper of its kind in the world was opened in Tel Aviv on Tuesday, a new era of hope and optimism was born.

The Times, with its sleek design and stylish, yet simple, print, was designed by a former New York Times photographer, Eran Gershon.

It was also the first to have a newspaper dedicated to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

“The newspaper was born out of the necessity of making a paper that could be a news source and also a source of inspiration for young people,” Gershons father, Eman Gershom, told The Times.

“This newspaper is going to help them develop their talent.”

The paper has been operating under the banner of the “Tidings Newspaper” since the day it opened on March 11, and will have more than 30 titles on its shelves.

Among them is a collection of news stories and articles, including one by the Palestinian news agency Maan, which is the only one to have been published in Hebrew and published in Arabic.

A new daily schedule The newspaper is also the second of its sort to operate from the same building as The Times on a daily schedule, following the publication of a daily edition in January.

“It’s an important step in the development of the newspaper and its work, which will become more and more important in the future,” said the newspaper’s editor, Yitzhak Moshav.

“But it is also a step forward, which brings us closer to the future.

This is the beginning of a new chapter, which we have no intention of ending.”

In the meantime, Gershemans father is preparing the next generation of Israeli journalists.

“Our goal is to keep it going, to continue the tradition of a newspaper that reflects the Israeli spirit and reflects the people, who live here,” he said.

“If we don’t keep it up, the people will leave, and we won’t have a functioning newspaper.”