PHC, the global advertising company for social media and media companies, announced on Wednesday that it has launched a contest for the best memes in its trending topics category.

Tidings, the online magazine that first launched in 2012, is currently ranked #1 on Google for trending topics, and #1 for the top trending topics for the month of January 2017, according to the company’s press release.

The top 10 trending topics are:How to Spot the Best Phoenix Memes, February 25, 2018PhC, which was founded in 2005 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Google Inc., will announce the winners on Wednesday at the Global Social Media Summit in New York.

Tides is the online newsletter of the company, which specializes in publishing viral content from celebrities, influencers and influencers in their personal, professional and public lives.

Tidal, which is owned by Apple Inc, is the top-ranking trending topic for the last month.

For the contest, which will run until March 6, PhC will pay a $10,000 prize for the “most popular phoenix meme”.

It is a simple process to enter your meme: go to and sign up for the contest.

Once you sign up, you’ll be sent a text with instructions to tweet or post your meme.

The winner will be chosen at random, based on the number of tweets and/or posts you’ve received.

The winner will also be featured on the front page of the PhC blog, and the contest will be published on the company website.

Tidely, a company that publishes the best social media content in the world, has previously run a similar contest.

In 2017, the site published the best trending topics from around the world including the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Italy, India, Brazil and Turkey.

Tids top trending topic in 2017 was #1 in Germany and #4 in Turkey.

“We’ve been lucky enough to work with a number of top influencers on the trending topics team and have noticed a lot of similarities with the top trends in the U.S.,” Tides editor-in-chief James Davenport told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

“The winner of the #1 trending topic contest will receive the full $10k prize, which we’ll be using to help fund our next publication.”

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