Happy tidings for you all and a few questions about what a gratitude is for.


What is it?

A gratitude is the act of being thankful to someone, regardless of how or why you do it.

This is something we all know to be true, but how can we express gratitude in the simplest and most effective way?


Why do we do it?

Well, if you’re a parent, your children are the ones doing the gratitude, so why not let them know what it’s like to be grateful?


Why is it a good thing?

A thankfulness is a very important and powerful feeling, and it makes us feel better about ourselves, our relationships and our lives.

When you do something that’s good for you, you’re more likely to feel grateful and satisfied in your life, and this will make you feel better.

A gratitude can also be used to boost motivation to work hard and achieve your goals.


How do I express gratitude?

It can be done in many ways, from saying thank you in your own words, through making a big “thank you” to the person you’re thanking, to sharing a story or video that highlights the benefit you’re getting out of it.

You can also use the gratitude as a motivation boost, and make it an ongoing part of your life.


What’s a “good” time to do it and how can I do it right?

The good times to do a gratitude are when you’re feeling grateful, when you feel your gratitude is building, when your gratitude has become a part of who you are.

To really get your gratitude going, make it a regular part of every day, every time you open your eyes, open your mouth or breathe.

To do it in a group or with a group of friends, do it every time they’re around you, and do it at work, school or anywhere else you feel you can be grateful.

It can also work as a time for reflection and reflection is an important part of the process of gratitude.

How can I express my gratitude better?

When we say thank you to someone it’s important that we show them we’re grateful.

That’s why you can do this with cards, stickers, letters, whatever you can find to do the gesture.

For your kids, it’s also important to have a special reminder that your gratitude to them is appreciated, and to make sure they understand it too.

What do you need to know to express gratitude better: 1.

The words we use are important.

When we express our gratitude we can convey to others, and others are more likely be inspired to do something about their problems.


How to express your gratitude more clearly is important.

We’re not just saying “thank” and we don’t want you to feel like we’re just being nice.

We want you, our loved ones, to feel that we’ve made them feel better, that we’re not selfish and that we want them to succeed.

How you express your appreciation and how you say thank are up to you.


Don’t try to do this on your own.

Being thankful is more than just doing it, and that’s what we want our kids to do as well.

We can’t do it all on their own.

We need their help and we need their support.

It’s up to them to learn to do better.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!