By AP Sports WriterLAS VEGAS — As the world mourns the loss of two former NFL players and the deaths of others this week, a new wave of pro football players and coaches are stepping forward to speak out about their experiences.

It is the next generation of athletes and coaches, and it is a growing trend.

Former NFL players have been coming out of the woodwork recently.

Former college football players have spoken out about the pressures they faced and the sacrifices they made.

Former college football player and current NFL coach, Dan Snyder, spoke about the emotional and mental toll of being a part of a league that is expected to be a top five entertainment brand in the world for years to come.

He is the first to speak on the issue in an ESPN interview on Thursday.

“I don’t want to make any excuses for anything.

You know, I’m not going to go out there and say, ‘Well, I should’ve had a better season,'” Snyder said.

“You know, we all have to go through the same things that you guys are going through.

You’re going through the emotional toll of having the team around you.

You’ve got to be mentally tough, you’ve got the stress of being with other people.

And there are things that go along with that.

And it’s just part of being human, you know, and you have to have the best out of yourself.

So I think that we’re all going through that now, but I do think it’s important for people to have a sense of what it’s like.”

Snyder said he and the other coaches and players he has worked with have gone through similar experiences.

“If you don’t know that you’re going to be on the same team, you’re not going be able to get out there,” Snyder said, “but you know that there are people that are going to give you a lot of time, they’re going get you out there.

You never know what you’re gonna get out of that team.

And you know they’re gonna give you the best that you can, and I think it can be a great bonding experience, a great opportunity to bond with the players.

And then they’re just going to keep on going.

And that’s really what it is.

That’s what it should be.

If you don, you can be on this team for years, and then maybe you can make a name for yourself and maybe you might not be able, but you know what?

That’s OK.

I love you, I know you’ll give it everything that you got.

So let’s go.”

The conversation comes on the heels of the news that former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer was arrested on suspicion of assaulting his former girlfriend, Nicole Holder.

Palmer, who is the son of former NFL player Joe, was reportedly arrested Tuesday night and charged with second-degree assault.

“That’s not the type of thing that we expect, but we’re going in the right direction,” Snyder told ESPN on Thursday, referring to Palmer’s arrest.

“I mean, you have a player like Carson Palmer, the kind of guy who is going to do everything he can to get to where he wants to go, to get himself to the next level.

So we’re not making excuses.

We’re not blaming anybody.

But it’s the same thing with any athlete, when they don’t get the opportunity to show what they can do.

They’re not getting the chance to show the best they can, to show off.

We are the ones that are on the outside looking in.”

The new wave is beginning to spread beyond the sport.

Former Florida Gators football player, and former NFL quarterback, Donovan McNabb spoke about his own struggles with depression.

McNabb is one of the few former NFLers to speak about his depression and mental health issues publicly.

“A lot of times you can’t understand why people are depressed, because they don