The following is a compilation of a series of blog posts from our colleagues at The Washington Times and The Hill that explore the power of the term “good tidins”.

The intent is to help guide readers toward better ways of enjoying the season and more meaning in life.

The article below is part of a larger series that will cover several other Christmas traditions, including a list of 10 ways to celebrate Christmas in 2018, as well as suggestions for the holidays, as you look to the future.

Happy Holidays, and happy holidays to all.

 In the coming months, we will be revisiting some of the Christmas traditions of our past, and hopefully we’ll be able to do so with a clearer mind and a firmer heart.

For this article, we are looking at the idea of “good luck” in terms of the Christian faith and the holiday.

As the New Testament indicates, “Good luck is the first sign of good things to come, but the best luck is in keeping the things that happen in the world, for they do not last forever” (Luke 9:36).

 The term “Good Luck” is a reference to the fact that we are not in the position of being “good” if we are in a bad situation or do not live up to expectations.

We are good when we act with grace and good intentions.

This includes things like helping someone else, and being kind and charitable.

The term “Gift of Good Luck” also refers to a type of gift that people give to one another that is usually not given in abundance.

For example, we could buy a pair of shoes, buy a meal, or pay for something to eat.

A “good gift” is one that is given to someone in the name of a good deed.

The word “good,” in this context, can refer to a lot of things: a good deal, a good thing, a great service, or even a blessing.

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