The biggest problem facing our nation is that the government is failing to meet the challenges it was created to solve, the top five reasons Americans said they believe are the most important in their report, released today.

In their annual survey, The American Prospect’s Ben Smith, Jason Richwine and Dan Grosser ranked the top three concerns in terms of the “worsening state of our economy, national security, the direction of our nation and its citizens,” among other things.

The report noted that the biggest causes of Americans’ concern include stagnant wages and a worsening economic outlook, while the “rising costs of education, health care, retirement, and child care” have contributed to the issue.

According to the survey, the biggest issues facing Americans are that our country is failing at the world stage and its leaders are failing to address the root causes of the problems, such as stagnant wages, stagnant wages in education, stagnant health care and child-care costs, and rising costs of living.

“Our survey found that the most pressing concern for the country today is a weakening economy,” the report said.

Americans cited the deteriorating security situation as the top reason they believe the country is not safe, while they cited “the rising cost of education and healthcare” as the biggest concern.

They also cited the growing costs of college, a shrinking middle class, the increasing cost of retirement, the declining retirement savings rate, and the decline in the quality of the national defense.

However, the survey found Americans did not blame President Donald Trump for any of the issues.

As The American Express and the White House said in response to the poll, the results of the poll “demonstrate that Americans are far more focused on their daily concerns than on their national security.”

“The public has been focused on these issues for the past six years, but in this survey, they were less focused than ever before,” said a White House statement.

For more, read The American Outlook’s full report, “Top 5 Reasons Americans are Struggling: The American Prosperity Index.”