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Here we take a look at the best restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Italy.1.

Casa Mignola, Via Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, Via Palermo, LombardyThe Casa Maignola in Via Pio Vittoria, Lombardia is one of the best Italian restaurants in the city.

You can enjoy delicious Italian cuisine, as well as the best coffee, cakes and other Italian fare at the Casa.2.

Caso di Mascarelli, Via Vittoretto, Via Scullino, Via FerraraThe Caso Di Mascarenci is the best in Scullia and Ferrara.

It’s a little bit away from the main streets, so you can’t really find it in any of the big cities.

However, it is a must-visit for those looking for a quick meal.3.

Piazzale Ristorante della Valle, via Mascarella, Via Rizzoli, Via Della Turmo, Via L’Aquila, Via Sant’Ambrogio, Via TaboraThe Piazzi Ristorantia is the second best Italian restaurant in Rome, and the best of all in the Piazzo area of Rome.

It is also the place to grab a quick lunch, dinner and even a late night snack.4.

Capri di Calcagno, Via Campione, Via Fosse, Via Marzani, Via LombardyIf you’re looking for good food in Rome’s city centre, this is the place for you.

You’ll have the chance to enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery in the region, and you’ll also be surrounded by great food.5.

Casia Piozza, Via Casanova, Via Giuseppe Filippini, Via MontecchioThe Casia Pizza is an authentic Italian restaurant which is also famous for its pizzas, pasta, pastas, salads and desserts.

It also serves a full range of other dishes, such as pastas and pasta dishes.6.

Casaglione di Capri, Via Caracalla, Via San Giovanni, Via La Marca, Via Castel Sant’AgataIt’s an Italian restaurant that is renowned for its authentic Italian food, and its mainstay is the classic Capri salad.

It offers traditional dishes, aswell as a new generation of dishes.7.

Castello di Caprino, via Caprale, Via CapriVia Caprano is a traditional Italian restaurant, which serves the traditional Sicilian dishes, which have been around since the 12th century.

The menu includes traditional Italian food as well, such a classic pizza and a classic salad.8.

Pisa Restaurant, Via Colonna, Via Alba, Via Nogentina, Via RomaYou will have a chance to taste authentic Italian dishes in Pisa.

You will also be able to sample fresh Italian food from local producers.9.

Colonna di Mancini, via Colonna delle Grazie, Via Coppi, Via Montale,Via CalabriaThis is a popular Italian restaurant located in the historic Colonna village, just a few minutes walk from the Colonna beach.

It serves a wide range of traditional Italian dishes, from traditional dishes such as Pasta, Grilled fish and other fish dishes, to some new Italian dishes.10.

La Grazia in Capri del Grazio, via Rizzolato, Via Barocca,Via NovembreThis is an Italian traditional restaurant which serves traditional Italian cuisine and is known for its amazing cuisine.

It boasts an incredible selection of Italian and regional cuisine, and is a good choice for a great dinner.11.

Rizzola, via Cervoni, Via Turin, Via Modena, Via SienaThe Rizzolo is a modern Italian restaurant where you can enjoy a great meal.

The food is fresh, and they prepare all the ingredients in a professional manner.

They also offer the best salads and soups in the town.12.

Alba di Capricci, Via Cappella, Via Via BolognaThe Alba del Capriccio is a classic Italian restaurant from Capriccia.

It was the first restaurant to serve a Mediterranean menu, and now its famous for the delicious dishes that they serve.

The Alba offers a diverse menu, as many of the dishes are Italian.13.

Vittoro Vittorico, Via Porta, Via TrevisoThis is the most famous Italian restaurant and the most popular restaurant in the Porta area of Valletta.

It has a Mediterranean restaurant with a Mediterranean cuisine, including traditional Italian, Greek, Italian and Mediterranean dishes.14