A lot has happened since The Irish got their official ‘birthday’ on Saturday.

The first of their new jerseys was unveiled and now the whole squad is officially celebrating with the birth of their own unique brand of toast. 

The team have been officially celebrating for over four months and it’s all been in the name of celebrating. 

“We’re so excited for this moment and so much more,” said Dylan Byrne, one of the players who plays for the team. 

They are now officially the Dublin Dragons of the NRL, which means they are officially the team that will celebrate with their own brand of Toast. 

It was a bit of a shock to hear that, and it really is. 

Byrne, who has just been released by the team, has been the subject of many jokes around the rugby league world and it made him a bit upset when he heard the news.

“It was kind of a surprise to hear,” he said.

“We’ve had a lot of positive comments and positive messages from people who have been in our locker room over the last four months.”

I just couldn’t believe it when I heard it.

“You just feel so happy.

It’s a huge honor.

It feels really good to be a part of it.” 

Bryne is now a big part of the team and they are going to be the best in the league for the next couple of years. 

This isn’t the first time the team have celebrated a birthday. 

Their biggest milestone came in December when they got the New Zealand Warriors of Rugby League back into the Brisbane Strikers of Football. 

Then in February they celebrated their 20th anniversary with a birthday party. 

And it was all for a good cause. 

Dubliners were a part and parcel of the celebrations. 

There was a lot more to celebrate, including the birth and adoption of a daughter, who will be christened in June. 

 The players are hoping to celebrate with more than just their jerseys and the team’s new home jersey in 2019. 

If you want to celebrate their anniversary with them, head over to the Facebook page Dublins Rugby League to follow along and cheer them on.