The most important thing about the new season of the MTV reality show Red Gorilla Tides is that it’s also about finding the perfect dress for the occasion.

A beach wedding is one of those things that you really have to be ready for, and if you’re planning a beach wedding with friends, then you’re in luck, because this season of Red Gorillas Tides has some pretty great outfits to choose from.

And if you can’t decide between a cute, white tee or a black and white top, the good news is there’s always a beachy option for you to pick from.

Below, we’ve picked out some of the most popular outfits for Red Gorillatides Tides.


The Bachelorette-inspired tee: The blue-and-yellow tee, while a classic, has a couple of unique touches that make it a perfect match for Red G’s tee.

The neckline and sleeve detail on the top, paired with a black-and_white striped tee, give this tee an almost-flattering look.


The classic beachy tuxedo: The classic look is definitely Red G, and this pair of beachy shorts and a tux looks like a perfect choice.

They also come in a variety of different colors, and both of these shirts have an adjustable zipper for easy storage.


The “boho” look: This is a perfect way to go with a beach vibe, and the two contrasting striped shirts make this a fun choice for Red.

They’re both well-made and can be worn in a myriad of ways, and they’re both available in different styles.

The blue shirt features a blue zipper, while the white shirt has a white zipper, and their sizes are 32A and 34B.


The beachy tee and the “bougie” tee: These two beachy tops, with matching white shorts, look great on Red.

The matching white tee is perfect for a beach-themed wedding and the beachy shirt is perfect if you want to be the one to get the beach ball rolling with your wedding day.


The casual tee: With a simple button-down and a simple tee, these two beach themed tee’s are perfect for casual and casual-to-sport weddings.

And both are available in the same size, 32A.


The retro tux: This tux has a classic feel and is a great fit for the beach.

But if you love vintage retro, the retro tus and matching white shirt are perfect.


The modern tuxedot: A modern tee and a classic pair of pants, this modern t-shirt and matching belt look great for a casual wedding.


The tux-and, the beach-inspired shirt: If you’re looking for a trendy tux with a simple design and matching shoes, then these beach-influenced tuxes are a great choice.

The simple tee has a dark blue collar and blue stripes, while both the casual and retro t-shirts have a simple white collar and navy stripes.


The white tux and the retro tee: If this pair looks like it’ll be a bit on the casual side, but it also fits perfectly for a retro tuck-in and casual pairing, then this pair is perfect.

Both shirts have a navy blue collar, and these two shirts are available as size 32A, 32B, 32C, 32DD, 32E and 32F.


The cute beachy beachy dress: This cute beach-y dress looks great with the beach theme in mind.

It has a long, flowing, low-cut neckline, and it’s made with a pair of white pants that are available for both men and women.

It also comes in two different colors: a navy-blue and white, and a white-and/or navy-and blue.


The trendy t-shirt: This beach-centric t-hat and a pink-and yellow striped shirt look great paired with this trendy beach t-dress.

And the t-shaped pattern is also great for an event.


The stylish beachy top: This top features a black t-tail and white shorts with a long sleeves and long leg openings.

And these shorts have a black zipper, too.


The elegant beachy skirt: This sexy, floral-inspired skirt is a gorgeous combination of beach and formal, with the top featuring a long floral print, white sleeves and a black satin zipper.


The colorful tux or the beach top: If the beach looks like your thing, then the tux is a good choice.

But even though this beach tux may be a little more formal, it also looks beautiful in the rain.

And because of its long sleeves, the tights and the tangle-free skirt make this