A new way to turn the Mac into a supercomputer could bring a lot of cool new ideas to the Macs market.

The answer may be something called the Mac’s newest generation of supercomputers, which are expected to be launched later this year and will likely be the first of what’s being called “mac mini” chips.

These machines, which will be powered by powerful Intel Xeon processors, will use Intel’s latest version of PowerVR technology, which has been used for a while in the Apple Watch and Apple TV.

PowerVR is designed to provide “high-performance compute for low power,” and this is the first time that Intel has made a Mac-specific chip, so Apple is getting a big bang for its buck with a Mac mini.

Apple is also getting its Mac mini chip directly into the Mac Pro, the high-end computer that will replace the Mac mini in the Mac lineup.

This new version of Mac mini will have a 10-core CPU, a 128GB SSD, an integrated graphics chip, an Intel Iris Pro graphics accelerator, and up to four Thunderbolt 2 ports.

The Mac mini won’t have a Mac Pro-style desktop and will be more akin to a MacBook Air.

It will be available in four colors: silver, gold, red, and green.

Apple isn’t yet saying much about the Mac-powered Mac Pro yet, but we’ll find out more when it’s announced at Computex, the annual Apple event that runs from July 25 to 27 in Taipei.