A day after being fired from her job, an Oregon mom is still struggling to keep her life together, as she tries to find new work to support her young family.

Ashley Williams is a self-employed professional and mother of two, but she is in the midst of losing a job that was never offered to her because of her personal beliefs.

As part of a job search, Williams is being paid to write the headlines for a company’s newsletter.

The story will be a summary of a positive experience with a company and a personal story that highlights her frustrations and frustrations.

It will include the words “good tidings” or similar, but not a headline or article.

Williams said she’s received positive feedback and a few bad ones from her employers.

In her case, she said she received several letters from prospective employers saying, “This person is a true professional.

Your job has never been harder and your work ethic is always there.””

It’s been really frustrating,” Williams said.

“I’m a good parent.

I love my job, but I’m just really upset.”

Williams said a friend of hers has also been offered a job with the company but said she won’t do it because of the religious views she has expressed about homosexuality and her faith.

Williams has a daughter, and she said it’s important to keep the family together while her husband, who works in a medical office, looks for work.

“It’s just not going to make me feel good knowing I have a child who’s going to be raised in a world where it’s okay to discriminate,” Williams told ABC News.

Williams is not alone in her struggles.

Last month, another mom, a father of three children, said she was fired from a job she thought was a “good one” because of a comment she made about gays.

In another case, a parent of two told ABC affiliate KTVU that her company had rejected her for an interview because she did not agree with a decision made by a judge.

“The company has decided that they can’t hire me because of my views,” said the mother, who spoke on condition of anonymity because she has family members who are working in the industry.

“I’m trying to figure out what to do with my life right now,” said Ashley Williams.

“That’s really hard.”