As the Pacific Northwest is getting ready to open to the public, here are some tidbits for the West Coast.1.

The Washington State Capitol will open on Thursday.2.

The Seattle Mariners will open a new stadium on the waterfront of the West Seattle neighborhood in November.3.

A large part of Seattle’s economic development is happening in the South Seattle neighborhood, and the new stadium project could help spur a revitalization of the area.4.

The new stadium will include a “world-class entertainment complex,” including a restaurant and live music venue, and a public plaza.5.

The stadium’s exterior will be adorned with murals and sculptures that feature local artists and artists from the Pacific Coast.6.

The West Seattle District will be a part of the project.

The district, which includes the Fremont, East Seattle, South Seattle, and Northeast neighborhoods, will be part of a public-private partnership with Seattle University and the Puget Sound Regional Chamber of Commerce.7.

The project will include two public-transit corridors that will be free to the community.

The East Link light rail will connect the stadium to downtown Seattle, the Westlake Greenway Trail will connect to Fremont Park, and two buses will carry commuters to the stadium from downtown.8.

The ballpark will feature a large scoreboard and a retractable roof.

It will be home to the Seattle Mariners.9.

The Mariners will have the best seats in the house at CenturyLink Field.10.

The city of Seattle is paying $1.5 million for the stadium.

The cost of the stadium has not yet been announced.