Some of the most mysterious phenomena in nature are still mysteries.

And yet, some scientists believe that something strange may be hiding in plain sight. 

“We don’t know exactly what the hell this cloud is, but it’s definitely not going to be a spring, but a sign that there’s something interesting going on in the sky,” said Dr. Michael Smith, a professor of atmospheric science at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

“The idea is that it’s the beginning of spring, and we’re just starting to get it warmed up,” he added.

The weird cloud is not just some kind of meteorological phenomenon.

It’s not a cloud that we see when we’re outside.

The strange cloud is actually a reflection of the sun.

This strange reflection is made up of many tiny particles, all connected by a very thin layer of air.

The particles are so thin, they can only be seen in the dark.

But scientists believe the reflection is just one of many signs that the sun is still warming up.

“When you’re out in the sun, the sun can change the color of the light, so the sun reflects light differently depending on where you are in the world,” Smith explained.

“And so if you’re at the center of the globe and you’re in the southern hemisphere, the light is more reddish-brown, the sunlight is more red, and the sun’s going to reflect that reddish hue.

And so when you’re on the other side of the planet, you’re going to get an even greater amount of red and yellow.”

In fact, scientists are unsure if the strange cloud in the northern hemisphere is a reflection or a solar flare.

And when scientists examine the clouds reflection, they found that they are actually a combination of two different types of particles.

One is a water droplet, a type of dust particle. 

Another is a gas cloud.

The water droplets are composed of a thin layer called a condensation layer.

When the droplets freeze, they form a liquid.

But when the condensation is removed, the droplet freezes solid, forming a gas. 

Scientists think that the strange reflection in the clouds might be the result of the formation of a gas-like substance called a gaseous haze.

But the scientists also think that a combination or combination of the two could be the explanation.

“These two types of dust particles and gas clouds are the most likely candidates to be the cause of this strange reflection,” said Smith.

“The gas cloud would reflect the sun at the same time, and would be reflecting sunlight in the same direction as the sun.” 

According to Smith, the weird reflection could be a sign of the end of spring.

And while some scientists are skeptical of that theory, others think that something else may be behind it. 

This is what a normal spring looks like. 

It’s a typical spring. 

The clouds reflect the sunlight at the exact same time that the Earth’s atmosphere warms up. 

A normal spring is actually not very warm in the Northern Hemisphere.

It may not be as warm as some scientists thought. 

If you’re looking for a hint of Spring in the Southern Hemisphere, it could be that a strange cloud or reflection is in plain view. 

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