Posted November 08, 2018 09:50:48When contestants on the hit reality show The Biggest Winners get their money in the bank, it means they’re also competing in a competition called “The Voice” that’s set to air its second season in October.

According to the show’s website, contestants must win an online competition by the time the show airs on Sept. 9.

They must also submit a short video of themselves singing their winning song.

They are then flown to Los Angeles for a competition hosted by comedian Ellen DeGeneres.

The winning song will be aired on The Voice on Oct. 6 and the winning contestant will receive $15,000.

The winner is determined by a random draw from the contestant pool, with the winner receiving a $5,000 cash prize.

According for the contestants, the $15m will be used to cover their travel expenses, rent and food costs for the next three months.

The contestants must also compete in the Biggest Winner contest in order to win.

The winner of that contest will receive the other $5 million.

The winners of the contest will then have the opportunity to compete in “The Biggest Loser” competition on the show.