By CHRISTMAS time, everyone is feeling a little bit sad.

Glad Tiding Pentecostals are the unofficial Christmas cheer squad, as the group marches into their annual Christmas Day event, the Pentecosan.

They have been a fixture of the community for years, and their annual event is a major event for the area.

The group was founded in the 1950s, and they are still the most popular Christmas party group in the city.

And the community, for the most part, is welcoming.

The annual Penteconfest has been a tradition for the community in the area for years.

And with it comes a huge amount of community support.

Pentecosans don’t just celebrate the holidays, they also have an annual tradition of getting together for community service.

It’s a chance for people to show their community behind the Christmas tree.

It’s also a chance to celebrate the Christmas season with a fun night of fun for everyone, including children.

“Christmas is the time of year where people really have to give back, and that’s where our organization is important,” said Denny Lien, Glad Tisdale Pentecs director of social work.

“We have a lot of people who have never been in a Christmas party before, and our hope is that they can share that experience with others.”

People really enjoy being in the Pentecaosan, and we really want to help them understand what we’re trying to do and help them to understand how the Christmas Tree is really designed and how we have to do our best to be a good Samaritan for everyone in our community,” he added.

The Pentecoan is an annual event that brings together more than a thousand people from all walks of life.

It is a time for the Pentes to celebrate with friends and family.”

So we’ve always had the spirit and spirit of the Pentacosan.””

And you can’t just take it for granted, you have to really be in it, to really make it a celebration.

So we’ve always had the spirit and spirit of the Pentacosan.”

This year, the group will have to move beyond the holiday decorations.

The Christmas Tree, a piece of artwork by Lien and his wife, Michelle, will go into storage until next year.

“This year is just the beginning, we want to create a bigger Christmas Tree,” Lue said.

“We have this big, huge tree and it just keeps falling apart,” Lene added.

“When it does, we’re going to be in a lot more trouble, because we have a bigger tree.

It will take us a lot longer to replace it.”

The Christmas Tree has fallen in the love department, with some Pentecons still excited about the event.

“I think this is a great opportunity for us to create more Christmas trees in the community,” said Michael Ewing, Pentecoean member.

“In addition to the holiday tradition, there’s also an economic benefit.

The people that participate in this, they’re able to pay rent on the property they’re living in,” said Lien.

Pete, the oldest member of the group, said the Pente’s tradition is to come to the Christmas party to get involved.

“The Pentecaoans are always looking for new ways to do good in our communities,” he said.

The event is an opportunity for the group to meet other Pentecones and to get to know their neighbors.

The community in Glads Tidings is welcoming to everyone, and Lien is proud to be part of it.

“It’s very, very, welcoming.

We’re here for the good of the people, and there’s nothing better than that,” he explained.

Glads Tiding will hold another Penteconian event this year, on December 14.