I was raised in a family that believed in Santa Claus, and it’s a good thing I did, because Santa’s real life is a hell of a lot harder to figure out than the idea that he exists. 

For example, my mother always wanted Santa to get married.

And my father thought that the more Santa was around, the more people would like him.

But Santa’s actual marriage to his first wife is pretty complicated, because she’s not exactly Santa, and he’s not particularly good with details. 

And so when he married his second wife, I wasn’t going to go along with it, even though my parents were super supportive. 

So when my dad got a divorce, he had to figure this out himself, and so I was in kindergarten with my brother and I and my two cousins, all the way up to elementary school.

I had no idea who Santa was, so I had to work out a few things that I was thinking about. 

My mother, who was my mom, always wanted to be Santa, so we were constantly talking about it, and I would ask her if I could have Santa.

And she always said no.

And I said, well, I’m gonna try, and that’s when I knew I had the gift of life.

So I made it my life goal to become Santa, even after she got divorced.

I don’t know if that was my mother’s decision or not, but it was a very conscious decision. 

When I was about two years old, my mom got a letter from Santa, saying that she would be sending me a present, and the thing I was looking for was a box. 

I was a bit skeptical, because the letter didn’t say how much it would cost, or what kind of box it was.

I was like, “Oh, this is not what I need.”

And my mom was like no, no, it’s just that I really love to cook.

And that was that, because I knew that if I was really good at cooking, then Santa would come to me. 

But I was a huge fan of Santa, because he was a big, big deal. 

Then one day, I got an email from my mother telling me that Santa was going to send me a box of toys.

I wasn’ t really surprised, because it was really, really hard to explain to my mother that she was sending me toys.

And so I thought to myself, well this is going to make a good gift, so let’s do it. 

After I sent my mother a letter, she was like wow, what a coincidence, I can still hear her voice over the phone.

I think she thought I was some kind of dumb, spoiled child. 

Now I have to say, it was actually really easy.

When I got home from school, my father was sitting in his car, and when I heard Santa’s voice, I was literally just stunned.

I knew what he was thinking, because as soon as I saw the letter, my dad was like oh my God, he must be Santa.

So he was really happy.

And the thing is, I didn’t know it was him.

And then after Santa arrived, he was like you can’t get in here because he’s a jerk, and my mom is like no no, he’s just Santa. 

The only thing that I could tell was that he looked like a black guy.

And at first, I thought, oh, that’s so black, because that’s what I saw in my mother.’

And then I started asking him about it and he started saying, yeah, he is Santa.

I thought it was awesome. 

 My mom’s family is actually pretty well off, but she’s always been so worried about the kids and all the things that could happen. 

She was like Santa, but the whole time I was growing up, my parents never said a word about him, so my mom didn’t even know what to say.

And for a long time, I just kept it a secret. 

Eventually, I started reading books and books by famous black people.

And it’s like, wow, this whole black tradition of being a Santa Claus has been around for like, the last 10,000 years. 

Even though I was told that I couldn’t be Santa because I’m black, I would never question it, because my mother knew. 

It was really amazing to see how a white man could be Santa and have so much support.

I remember reading a book recently about black men who have grown up in a white supremacist household.

And one of the things they’re saying is, you know, black men are really strong, you’re just a little bit less powerful than a white guy. 

That’s what my mom says, and she’s right. 

If I were white, I