The Herald is mourning the passing of Tideo the Irishman.

The Herald has decided to honour him with a series of special tributes.

The Herald’s editor and publisher, Ben Davenport, wrote on Twitter: “The last few months have been hell.

I’ve lost my friend and colleague, Tideo, and have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love from readers.

Tideo was loved by so many, and we will miss him terribly.”””

Tideo was a wonderful man who loved his family and was always looking out for them.

Tideo was loved by so many, and we will miss him terribly.””

The Herald is saddened to have lost Tideo.

Todo was the most genuine, kind and intelligent person I have ever known.

We will miss Tideo dearly.”

The Herald said the news of Todo’s death was first announced in the Sunday Herald, but the following day it was confirmed that Tideo had passed away.

The Irish Times has more:Tideo had been working as a photographer for The Herald and was the Herald’s top news editor.

He had a special interest in Irish folklore and folklore tourism.

He worked for the Herald for almost 25 years and was considered one of the most talented and talented journalists in the country.

He was awarded the National Medal of Excellence in 2011 and a Lifetime Achievement award in 2012.