An abundance of sunlight is good for plants.

But what about soil?

If you’re looking for the perfect soil for your plants, you can’t have too many plants.

It’s also important to keep a good balance between light and nutrients.

The more green your soil, the better.

It’s also vital to choose a soil that is organic, with lots of nutrients, and has a pH of 5.5 or less.

If you have a compost pile, use a pH control soil and be sure to add a mix of peat moss and a mix that contains some organic matter, like compost, to prevent soil erosion.

Soil should be treated for bacteria, so your plants will thrive in a healthy environment.

What to do with soil If you are planning on planting a new plant in your yard, consider putting the soil in the freezer to help prevent soil rot and damage from the cold.

After you plant, clean out your garden and then fill in your soil with peat, manure or sand.

You can also compost your soil to help control pests, but be sure you’re doing it properly.