You may have heard the term “couch surf” a lot lately, but it’s actually a lot more than that.

For starters, it’s a term that has come to mean any kind of online gaming experience, whether it’s in person or via video.

If you play online, for instance, you’re probably familiar with the phrase “crying in your couch” when someone tries to console you by saying “I’m sorry I’m not online.”

And while that phrase might be somewhat common, it doesn’t really have much meaning to most people.

The term is most commonly used to describe the act of someone who attempts to hide their presence on a multiplayer game by hiding in plain sight.

The only problem is that it’s very easy to accidentally “crouch” on your couch while gaming.

Here are some of the more weird couch surfing video clips you should watch out of curiosity.1.

“Couch surfing” is the act by which a person hides their presence in a video game by using a couch as a shield.2.

This video is the creepiest couch surfing clip yet.3.

A video of a woman sitting on her couch and holding a phone in front of her face is a bit too creepy for the internet.4.

This guy was actually able to hide his phone behind his couch for quite some time before someone spotted it and figured out he was hiding it.5.

This woman was really good at hiding her phone from other people, but when she was actually sitting on a couch, she just had to be a little more careful.6.

A very strange couch surfing game that you might have heard of called “Cabin” and which is basically a game of hide and seek.

It’s a game where you have to find the couch and hide in it, which can get a little boring if you don’t get enough points to get through.7.

Another weird couch-surfing game.

This one is actually quite interesting, because it’s called “The Couch”.

In the game, players use a couch to hide from other players.8.

A woman was actually hiding her face in the middle of a video when her phone was discovered.9.

A couch surfing app that lets you make a “sneak peek” to check on other players in your living room.10.

A game where your smartphone is hidden in a pillow and you’re supposed to get it out and make a phone call.

It was pretty creepy, but thankfully someone was able to find it.11.

A guy in the Philippines called up a stranger in a local restaurant and asked to borrow his phone to use in the game “Hip Hop” for some reason.

The stranger accepted.12.

This game shows you a video of your phone in the corner of a room and says “Hey, you should probably try to get your phone out.”

The video ends with a creepy note that reads “I hope you get that, but I don’t think it’s worth your time.

I’m sure you can figure it out, but not me.”13.

This “cocoon” video has to be one of the creepier couch surfing videos we’ve seen yet.14.

A “cobble” couch surfing that you’ll be really glad you didn’t watch on TV.15.

This really creepy couch surfing “candy-dome” video is so creepy you’ll want to go back and watch it in the dark.16.

This dude tried to hide a camera in his face while he played “Mafia” on YouTube.

He said “I was so scared, I just sat in my corner and watched this thing.”17.

This is one of those couch surfing games that people actually played for hours before they finally figured out what was going on.18.

This creepy “Carnival” couch surf game actually has some pretty creepy things going on, including people playing “Halloween” and a “monster hunter” game.19.

This weird “couches” video was so creepy that it inspired the song “Cobbled Out”.