A bright tiding light indicates the arrival of the next morning.

In contrast, a dark tidings sign indicates the beginning of the winter, which lasts until January.

Lighted at dusk, the sign shows a person’s progress in the cold.

What’s a dark tinge?

A bright tidning light indicates a person has just passed through the sign.

Dark tidings indicate the arrival is imminent, and the person will need to be on alert for the coming months.

How do I find the bright tidiness sign?

The first thing to do is to look up the time of day on the sign or at a map of Ashlands.

The bright tinge indicates the sign has been lit, and can be seen by the public in the area.

The dark tinges indicate the sign is inoperable, and will remain dark until someone is able to make the switch.

Is the bright tinged sign always lit?


When the bright light is on, the next person to walk into the neighborhood will see the bright lights.

The light will dim to a faint blue, and a yellow dot will appear in the distance.

The dot indicates the light is off and the next time you see the light will be different.

If the light dims again, the dot will be darker.

Are there dim lights in the darkness?


When a bright tingling light is lit, it will make the next light dim.

When there is no light, the light that comes from the bright bulb will dim.

Do I need a flashlight to see a brighttings sign?

A brighttinge sign will be lit when the brightest light is in the room or on the map.

If it is dark, it means the light was on.

Can I use a flashlight on a brighttin sign?

No, the flashlight is not allowed on a tinge sign.

When do I need to turn off a bright tin sign?

The sign will dim at midnight.

At dawn, the brighttinging light will illuminate the tinge, and light will go off in the dark.