The holidays in Medfield are a little different this Christmas than last year.

This time, the holiday season includes more tree planting and a new Christmas tree decorating contest that was created by the Medford City Council.

The medford Christmas tree planting contest will take place at Medford Community Garden, located at 11 W. Park Ave.

in Medington.

The contest is a way for residents to give their Christmas tree a little love by decorating it with Christmas themes and gifts.

Medford Community Gardener Julie Epperson says the Christmas tree contest is an important one because Medford’s Christmas tradition is to give trees to local families who want to show them their support for the city and its residents.

Epperson, who was selected as the contest’s grand prize winner, says Medford residents love Christmas trees.

They also appreciate the decorations.

Medfield resident, Christine Raffel, says she was happy to receive a Christmas tree this year.

The tree she planted is a gift from her husband, who lives in New Hampshire, and she’s happy for her husband to receive it.

She says she doesn’t know if it will be a tree this Christmas, but it is nice to have it planted.

Medfords Christmas tree has been placed in the Medfield City Hall in front of the Medfords Library.

A Christmas tree that was a gift to Medford resident, Christy Womack, is now up for a contest.

Womack says she is excited for Christmas to begin this year because Medfonds tree is a good representation of what Christmas means to her.

Medfonders Christmas tree will be up for auction for a $100,000 prize, which will go to the New Hampshire State Legislature.

Wommack says the Medfields Christmas tree is something Medfordians have been waiting for.