Happy Christmas tidings is a Christmas song written by Australian composer and songwriter, Andrew McLeod.

The song has been described by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation as a “happy Christmas song” and has been used in a variety of Christmas specials such as the television show Happy Holidays, Happy Birthday and Christmas Eve.

The lyrics of the song have also been used on the Disney TV show, Frozen, and the animated series Disney’s Frozen, which was produced by Disney in 2018.

The Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC) will broadcast a special Christmas Eve programme called Happy Christmas in the UK on Friday, January 10.

The programme will feature a variety, including music from the Happy Christmas song and some Christmas tunes.

The ABC will also be broadcasting an interview with the composer on Friday with a message from Andrew McLean, who wrote the song.

Happy Christmas Tiders is one of the more popular Christmas songs and has also been performed in the musical The Nutcracker by Sir Elton John and in the Christmas special The NutCracker, which starred Tom Hanks and Sally Field.

The show, which is expected to air on ABC1 and ABC2, will also feature performances by John Williams, David Bowie and Bob Dylan.

In 2018, Happy Christmas was voted one of Australia’s 50 most powerful Christmas songs.

The BBC also hosted an annual Christmas show, Happy Sunday, in 2019.

In 2017, the BBC reported that a quarter of Australians are not religious and there were over 1.6 million people who were not Christian.