Hi guys!

Here’s a re-releasing of the Bright Tiding’s Low Tiding re-released by FlapJack Low, with a little extra.

It’s a pretty great remix, and you can find it here on FlapJacks Low. 

FlapJack low has always been known for remixes of popular music, but the re-mastering of the original Flapjacks Low has always had a special place in their heart. 

I was happy to get the chance to re-record the original flapjack mix with a few new producers to help make the remix sound fresh, and this time, with an additional producer, as well. 

Here’s the original tracklisting, and some sample lyrics to accompany the remix: Flackjack Low A Little More Sunshine   The Flapjump A Flap-like Low Tidling   Lightening Up  The Cool Tidings   Flick-Like Low Tidlings  Loudness  Lighten Up —————————The remix is currently available on Flapslow Low’s website, but you can pre-order it now on the FlapLow Low website. 

Enjoy the remix!