Good tidals in the world of sports, business and finance: The rains have come.

They are the best thing that has happened to me.

It was my idea to bring this sport of ours to India.

I have been working on the game for five years now.

I am the one who brought this game to India, I am also the one that brought it to China, and I am one of the people who brought it back to Philippines.

So, we are very happy.

In the Philippines, where I live, there is a lot of mud.

And, I had no idea how to clean it.

So my plan was to make it very simple.

I started with sandpaper and made a big hole in the wall.

I put the sandpaper in a bucket and took a bucket of water.

I just used a plastic bag that I had.

Then I put a bucketful of water in the hole and made it bigger.

The next day, I washed it and scrubbed it.

The sandpaper did not stick anymore.

And then, I made another hole in it, and used a sponge to get rid of the sand and make it smooth again.

I thought, it is not that simple.

But, I used it.

And this is what I got.

I was really surprised at the results.

I had to do a lot to get this game here, but it worked.

And it has been a great success.

My team-mates are from China.

So it is good to bring sports back to the Philippines.

There is a big gap between us and China.

I do not know if it is because of my accent or because I am from a different culture.

I hope to do that in the future.

It is not easy to make this game in China.

But the games are great and the fans are very supportive.

I think this is a positive thing.

It will help the economy and people are enjoying the sport.

I will do my best to keep it alive and keep the game here.

We are very lucky.

We will take this opportunity to promote the sport in the Philippines and we will continue to work with local officials to bring it here.

I have not seen the effects yet but we will see.

The Philippines is a country with a lot that is great.

So there are people who are going to do the right thing.

We have had a lot good things happen in our country.

But we need to make sure that it stays the same.