“Kicking the black babies black is a great idea,” said the young Palestinian, a member of a village council who asked not to be identified.

“It’s like an anti-terrorism law, which is a law that helps to eliminate the terrorism and the terrorist threat.

The whole concept of killing black babies is a bad idea.

It doesn’t help the black families.”

The youth council president, who asked for anonymity because he is still being detained, said that he has been arrested before and that he would be released if his charges are dropped.

“They just say it’s not a criminal offence.

It’s not that I committed a crime.

They say it was a mistake,” he said.

Israelis often describe Palestinians as having “black blood” and are frequently referred to as “apartheid”.

However, the vast majority of Palestinians are not suspected of any crime and are often considered to be peaceful.

The most recent statistics, released by the Palestinian Authority in August, show that 2,837 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces between 2006 and 2015, while 2,634 were killed during the same period by Palestinian militants.

Killing babies “is just killing them,” said Ahmed Abu Zeid, the head of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, a militant group based in Gaza that has claimed responsibility for a number of attacks on Israelis.

“I don’t understand why it is the first thing they do.

Why is it the first time they take a baby’s life?”

Abu Zeid said that it was important to be seen to be “responsible” for the killing of the baby, and said that the Palestinian leadership should be held accountable for the killings.

“We are responsible for every single act of killing, including the ones in the past, whether it was the murder of a soldier, the murder [of] a Palestinian girl, the shooting of the policemen, or the murder and shooting of a Palestinian child,” he added.

“If the Palestinian youth is responsible for the crimes of the occupation, he should be the first to be prosecuted,” Abu Zead said.

“If the youth is not responsible for his actions, the only person who is responsible is the Israeli army.”

Abdallah al-Jumaili, a spokesperson for Palestinian human rights organisation Al-Haq, said the latest killings were a result of “an Israeli government that is losing control over the situation”.

“The Israeli army is targeting innocent Palestinians and children.

Every Palestinian, even children, are the targets,” he told Al Jazeera.

“This is an attack on all Palestinians and every human being, even the babies.”