A few years ago, Southern Tiders’ first album was a big hit in the US and around the world.

It was a mix of acoustic and electronic music, which was the perfect formula for a band that was trying to figure out what it meant to be “real” in the modern age.

The first track on Southern Tidies third album, “Lift Your Legs,” is an upbeat song about lifting your legs, and the group was thrilled with the response.

But the song quickly evolved into a more somber song that was later covered by bands like Radiohead and Metallica.

The song became so iconic that it became a part of the album’s cover art, a nod to its status as the first of its kind.

It also became a rallying cry for many groups, as people across the country expressed their support for the group.

Now, the band has been making the same type of music for some time, but they’ve gone into their fourth album in a much different vein.

“It’s been a process, and it’s been very slow,” said guitarist Michael McDonough.

“I think it’s a good way for us to get back to the roots of the music, so to speak.

It’s a great way to try and create a sound that’s as close to the music we used to make as we possibly can.

It gives us the opportunity to try out new things and see how we can get closer to that sound.”

The band has also been working on their next record, called Southern Tidists Fifth Album, which is due out sometime in 2018.

The new album will be their fifth, and will mark the group’s first attempt at an album with a full band.

“We’re going to do the first one as a six-piece, and then we’re going get to the second one as an eight-piece,” McDonow said.

“We’re just kind of trying to make sure that we have enough stuff on there to work with.

It might not be enough, but it’s enough to make a good record.”

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