The Christmas story begins with the story of Abraham.

It was the story that inspired Abraham to go to Egypt and give the Ten Commandments.

There were many stories of Abraham in the Old Testament.

But the story was the most important.

Abraham and his sons were given the Ten Commandsment.

This commandment is the basis of the Gospel.

Abraham gave this commandment because he had a moral obligation to tell the story to the Israelites.

Abraham was a man of God.

He was a son of God and he loved his children.

Abraham knew that he was God’s servant.

He loved his son Isaac and his wife Sarah, as well as his two sons.

And he wanted his children to know that God was with them.

He wanted his people to know God’s love and compassion.

This was the basic morality of Abraham and all of his descendants.

Abraham had a message for the Israelite people.

He told them that God loved them and that God wanted them to be free from slavery and oppression.

Abraham wanted his sons to love their God and love their people.

The Torah gives Abraham’s sons the commandment, “Thou shalt not kill.”

The Ten Commandment was the basis for the moral code that was revealed in the Bible.

Abraham’s Ten Commandement is called the Ten Talents, or Ten Commandements of the Torah.

Abraham received these Ten Commandations from God.

And in the beginning, God gave Abraham the Ten commandments.

Abraham said, “If thou wilt be my servant, let me make thee a Levite.”

Abraham was chosen for this job.

Abraham lived in the land of Canaan and he was born in the year 1034.

He had to work on the Sabbath to get the Ten commands.

Abraham then had to go and build the house of God on the land.

God told Abraham to give his son, Isaac, to his wife, Sarah.

The first thing that Abraham did was to get his wife and his two daughters to be circumcised.

Abraham did this to make sure that they would not be tempted to commit adultery with their brothers.

Abraham went to the house and he said to Sarah, “I have given thee the Ten Ten Commandings.

Give them to me.

Sarah, tell my wife, ‘The Lord has given me this command.

If thou wishest to be my slave, thou shalt not be my mistress, nor shall thou bear my children in any way.’

Sarah, let my servant go and make the circumcision.

Sarah let my two daughters go to her husband and the circumcision was done.

Abraham came back to Abraham, “Give these commandments to my servant.”

And Abraham said to him, “Take my son, Abraham, and put him to work with thee.

And thou shalt do this work with him for forty years.

And then thou shalt go and stand before the Lord thy God in the day of judgment, that thou mayest be the father of many nations.

“Abraham did not have enough money for the work he had to do.

So Abraham gave Sarah and her sons the money that they needed to buy the house.

Abraham took Sarah, the eldest son, to a city in Canaan, and Abraham went up to the city to see Sarah.

Abraham saw Abraham’s wife and Sarah’s daughters in the street.

Abraham brought Sarah and Sarah to him.

Sarah said to Abraham: “The Lord is my God.

Let my husband be my master and I go to Abraham.

“Abraham said in his heart, “No, Sarah, for I have chosen Abraham to be the master and the father.

And I will do as thou sayst.

“Abraham went with Sarah to the place where Abraham’s servant, Isaac was to be raised and raised.

Abraham asked Isaac what he should do to keep his father safe.

Isaac said, “[Abraham] said, ‘Tell thy master, the Lord will raise him up, and will bring him into his own country.’

“And Abraham went and brought Isaac to his master.

Abraham found him sitting in the house, “The house of Abraham is being built.”

Abraham walked into the house with his servant and said, Abraham: “‘What is the matter with thee?

The house of my master is being constructed.’

“Abraham said with pride, “My master has built the house I have paid for.

“Abraham then went to Abraham’s house and said to his servant, “Send my son Isaac back to me.

“Abraham took his son and sent him to his father.

Abraham walked up to Abraham and said: “Father Abraham, tell thy servant Isaac the reason for his coming to me, and I will send him away to me to build my house for thee.”

Abraham told Isaac to build the first part of his house for him.

Abraham also said to Isaac, “Go and build my second house for thy father, for thou art my servant and I love thee.”

He said to the servant, Abraham Abraham, I am Abraham’s son and I want to build