The 2018 NFL Draft is only three weeks away and that means we have only a few days to take stock of the best and worst quarterbacks.

I picked a few names from this year’s draft and put them into a hat.

Here’s how I felt about all of them:The first three QBs on my list were:Seth Russell, Marcus Mariota and Connor Cook.

Russell, Mariota, and Cook all have a very high ceiling for their respective careers, and the question will be how each of them fare in the pros.

Russell’s NFL career is over but he is still a top-tier quarterback, and if he stays healthy and stays in shape, he could be the best of the bunch.

Cook’s story is a bit different, as he was an underwhelming college quarterback who has a bright future.

But he was drafted in the second round by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and that is a franchise that has invested heavily in developing quarterbacks.

Cook is an undersized, mobile, quick-footed, ball-hawking pocket passer who has tremendous range, and his ability to make plays on third downs should give the Bucs a big boost in a division that could very well be one of the league’s deepest.

There is a lot to like in Cook’s story, but there is also a lot that could potentially hold him back.

If he struggles in the NFL and can’t stay healthy, there is a chance that he will not live up to the hype, and this could hurt him down the road.

But if he can stay healthy and can get to the next level, he is an incredibly exciting prospect.

The second QB on my shortlist is Josh Rosen, who was a top 20 pick in the 2016 NFL Draft.

Rosen is a tall, rangy quarterback who could develop into one of NFL’s best, and he has an extremely bright future in the pro ranks.

Rosen has great feet and exceptional arm strength, and with the right coach, he should be able to thrive in the league.

But with all of the attention being paid to Rosen, he also has a chance to have an understated, understated career.

He also has the potential to be a great quarterback if he develops his mechanics.

There is still room for Rosen to improve his mechanics and improve his accuracy, and even if he does that, he will have a long career as a pro.

I like Rosen, but I don’t like him as much as the other two.

If there is one QB I am a little disappointed with, it’s Blake Bortles.

Bortes has had an extremely successful rookie campaign, and I think that was due to the team around him.

But that is just a short-term fix, and it could have been a much better one for Bortls.

Breslin has done a good job in the past two years with Bortlers health, but he needs to work on his throwing mechanics and be more consistent in his throws.

The Jaguars have a lot of talented players, but they need Bortels health to improve.

The third quarterback on my pick list is Derek Carr, who is the second overall pick in this year to the Raiders.

Carr has a great combination of size and athleticism, and despite some early struggles in his rookie season, he has proven to be an extremely valuable player in his career.

Carr is a pocket passer and a terrific decision-maker, and while he may struggle to get the ball to his receivers, he can be an incredibly talented quarterback in the future.

Carr was a very underwhelming player at the NFL Scouting Combine and has a lot going for him in terms of talent.

If Carr does struggle in the long run, I would be shocked if he is not a top 10 pick.

I think he is a solid NFL quarterback with the potential for a big future, and given the talent around him, he would be an excellent pick in a trade for a franchise quarterback.

If you want to hear my picks for the best NFL quarterbacks, be sure to listen to my NFL Draft Podcast.