Glad tidings is the first place you want to be when you’re not sleeping in the hallway.

The apartment on the first floor of Glad Tidings, which was designed by renowned NYC architect Daniel Libeskind, is furnished with three large-screen TVs, two large bathrooms, a large living room, and a full kitchen.

A few years ago, Glad Tiders owner Mike Boulton bought the property and added a small rooftop deck to the living room.

This year, Gladness also added a new deck and new seating.

Boulson says the addition of a rooftop deck adds a little extra privacy, but he says it’s more of a bonus than a necessity.

“It gives you more space for your family to watch TV,” he says.

Boulsson says he’s noticed the addition has been a hit with guests.

“When I get people coming up, I see them coming up from the street, and they’re wearing Glad Tiding hats, and their hair is all different,” he explains.

“They’re having a lot of fun with it.

They’re really excited about the decor, the decor.

They’ve been coming up and saying, ‘I’m going to go up and hang out.'”

The deck itself also adds an extra touch.

“I think a lot more people appreciate the fact that you can walk up to the balcony and take a peek and see the balcony from a higher vantage point, and you can see that the ground is kind of a bit higher,” Boulsson says.

“So that’s a nice touch.”

The living room is a bit more spacious.

The couch has a loft-style design that’s reminiscent of a vintage chair, and it’s a little smaller than a normal sofa.

Boussons mom, who’s a big fan of modern design, says she’s noticed a lot less of the furniture changes that are typically seen in a house like this.

“If you’ve ever lived in a large, two-story house, there’s a lot going on,” Boussson explains.

She says she has seen a lot changes in Glad Tidlings style, and that’s because it’s been a lot easier for her to live in a larger apartment, but it’s still a big step.

“You get more space.

You get more privacy,” Boudsons mother says.