It’s been a long time since we saw a major new game from the Japanese publisher, and even after the announcement of the first-ever VR game from Nintendo’s new studio, we still don’t know if the company has the right formula to deliver its next generation of titles.

We did learn that Nintendo was working on a new VR game this year, but the company’s statement left many people wondering if the title will ever come to the platform.

That’s not the case, though.

The company has confirmed that it is developing an official VR game for the Wii U. That game is being referred to as “Shovel Knight: Shovel Knight VR” (or SHKVR).

It’s the first time we’ve heard about a new Nintendo game from a Japanese publisher.

While Shovel Knights VR is still in development, it’s already being touted as the most anticipated title of 2017.

The game is already available on the Wii Shop Channel, and it has already received positive reviews from some of the industry’s biggest names.

The Shovel Kingdom: Super Adventure Game is a 3D platformer, and its creator, Koji Igarashi, is also a producer on other Nintendo games.

Shovel King: The Legend of the Seven Seas was a 2D platform game, but it has a more narrative focus, and developer Satoru Iwata has also worked on the Zelda series.

Sho-Oh, the first of the new Shovel Kings, is a 2-D action game that is based on a popular series.

While we still do not know how much of the game Shovel City will be, its creators, Takahiro Baba and Kenichi Yamauchi, are currently working on an official remake of the series.

And Nintendo has released a new trailer for the upcoming Shovel Wars, an action game where players take on the role of a Shovel Warrior.

While the first three games in the Shovel Kingdoms series are all free-to-play, Shovel Warriors VR is a pay-to play title.

There’s no word on when it will come to Wii U, but Nintendo is still releasing regular Shovel Games for the platform and has also promised to support other platforms, including Windows 10 and Android.

While Nintendo isn’t officially releasing Shovels games, there is an unofficial Shovel Clan app for iOS, Android, and Windows.

The app allows users to share their favorite Shovel game screenshots and share them with their friends.

We can only hope that Shovel Heroes VR, Sho-O-Kama, and Shovel Tower VR will come out on other platforms in the future.