A new musical about the Southland’s legendary summertime music scene will open to the public on Broadway in 2019, the first musical in the genre to be released on the stage.

Plaid Tides, based on the memoir of the late Gabriel L. Gass, is directed by Peter J. Sullivan, who also wrote the music for the musical adaptation of the best-selling book by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Charles Schulz, which was nominated for a Tony and Pulitzer prizes.

It premiered on Broadway at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City in 2019.

The Broadway musical is based on a memoir by Gabriel L, who was a longtime friend of Broadway star Robert Wagner.

It is the first in the new genre, which combines traditional music with a contemporary sensibility, with a blend of jazz and gospel that can be enjoyed by families, friends and even the occasional touring performer.

It is the fifth Broadway musical to be produced by the company, and the first to premiere on Broadway, following performances at the Lincoln Center in the fall of 2018 and the Met at the Kennedy Center in March of 2019.

Gass was a musician and performer whose life was tragically cut short by a motorcycle accident on the morning of August 18, 1971, when he was killed in a car accident in San Francisco.

His life and music were preserved in a box by his family for nearly 50 years, and he has been immortalized in works by Andy Warhol, Woody Guthrie and David Bowie.

Gross was the only person to win the Pulitzer Prize for his novel, The Lost River, in 1975.

It was one of the most acclaimed novels of the decade.

The new production will include the original musical as well as new musicals and original songs.

It also will include a musical production of the song “Honey and Me” by the popular band The Kinks.

The musical will be directed by Sullivan and will be produced in partnership with Broadway veteran Robert Bixby, who directed the 2015 production of The Sound of Music.

The project will premiere at the Met in New Orleans in 2019 before expanding to New York and Chicago.

The Met will also premiere the first new musical at the New York Theater in January of 2020.

“I am so grateful to the wonderful people of New York for their extraordinary support, and especially to the amazing cast, crew and crew members of the Met,” said Sullivan.

“We can’t wait to tell the story of this extraordinary story of a group of individuals, all of whom came together and worked together in their own unique ways to tell this story of Southern music.

The play will be written by Sullivan, with the help of Bixbys musical collaborators, including Tony Award winner Josh Singer, Grammy Award winner Mike Mahoney and Grammy Award nominee David Hirsch.

The book will be performed by the musical’s ensemble of artists, including a number of original songs, along with new material.

The play will also feature original music by Sullivan’s son and daughter, along the songs of Roberta Flack, Paul Chambers, The Dixie Chicks, The Hollys, The Beatles, The Supremes, Johnny Cash, The Eagles, Bob Dylan, the National, The Ramones, The Byrds, The Beach Boys, The Stones, The Smiths, Pink Floyd, Bob Seger, The Cars, The Rolling Stones, the Grateful Dead, The Who and more.

In the musical, Gass’ father, an African-American, and his white wife, the singer and singer-songwriter, will share a song together in the middle of summer.

The songs are set in the summertime and include songs such as “You Are My Sunshine,” “I Will Fly Away,” “My Love,” “Let Me Go,” “The Sweetest Girl in the World,” “Summer’s Over,” “Ain’t You Going to Miss Me Anymore” and “The Only Thing in Town Is You.”

Gass will also have a guest appearance by a number from his beloved hometown of Birmingham, Ala., and the musical will include an all-star cast that includes the likes of the Grammy Award-winning singer, John Legend, Grammy award-winning songwriter, Billy Bragg, Grammy winner Jeff Buckley, Grammy-winning saxophonist, Michael Jackson, Academy Award-nominated songwriter and Emmy Award-winner Michael Stipe, and Grammy-nominating bassist and songwriter for The Beatles Bobby Darin.

A number of guests are also scheduled to appear in the musical including the late Grammy Award winners The Doors and the songwriting duo of The Who’s Roger Daltrey and The Roots’ John Lydon.

The musical will feature songs from the musical and the book as well, with songs from both being performed by Sullivan himself.

Plays will begin on August 16