The AFL Players’ Association says it will be giving the AFL a chance to respond to allegations of “inappropriate behaviour” by players and coach Joe Dutton, as it prepares for its first ever inquiry into its future.

Key points:The AFL is expected to take up the issue in the wake of the release of the videoThe AFL Players Association has said it will not be making an official statement on the matter at this timeThe AFLPA said it would not be providing a statement until the inquiry has been fully consideredThe AFL has been under pressure to address allegations of inappropriate behaviour by players since the footage of Dutton’s conversation with Essendon player Travis Boak surfaced last week.

But the union said it was prepared to wait until the report is published and it would be ready to make a statement.

“We will not make an official announcement until the full report is completed and considered by the AFL Players and the AFLPA,” the AFLPAA said in a statement on Thursday.

“While we cannot comment on the merits of any specific claim, we will be prepared to respond at the appropriate time.”

The AFL will have no further comment at this stage.

“The AFL and the Players Association have agreed to investigate allegations of a breach of the Players’ Code of Conduct.

On Monday, the AFLFCC heard evidence from an independent investigator, who was not part of the investigation, into allegations of breach of AFL code of conduct.

The investigation found the AFL was “inadequate” to investigate the allegations, the ACCC also heard.

The AFLFPC is expected by the end of this month to make its findings.

The report was due to be delivered to the AFL and AFLPA next month.

The union said the AFL would be providing “no further comment” until it had seen the findings of the independent investigator and was “ready to make an announcement”.”

We remain focused on ensuring the integrity of the competition, the integrity and credibility of the AFL’s coaches and players and the integrity, integrity and integrity of AFL operations,” the statement said.”

Given the fact that the AFL has already taken significant action, including appointing an independent inquiry, we are confident that the report will conclude with the AFL taking action to prevent this type of conduct occurring in the future.

“The findings of an independent investigation into the alleged breach of conduct rules and the investigation by the ACCCs will be presented to the Victorian Government by the next sitting of Parliament.

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