The world’s biggest social network has been rocked by a major breach of data.

The hack, first reported by Motherboard, exposed a vast amount of personal data on thousands of accounts, including names, phone numbers, and addresses, and information about who their friends are.

The data also showed the accounts’ location and contact information.

“A massive breach has been revealed,” tweeted Twitter’s general manager of corporate communications, Tom Breihan, “but no one is injured.

It happened within minutes of each other.”

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms on the web, and it has a massive following among users, many of whom are women.

Its users can create and retweet content to their own accounts, and then tweet their messages to other people who have their own Twitter accounts.

It has about 100 million active users, and the site has an average daily active user count of about 1 million.

However, the number of Twitter accounts and the amount of data exposed has not been revealed publicly, and Twitter’s internal investigation into the breach did not indicate how many accounts were affected.

A Twitter spokesperson told Motherboard that there were “no specific accounts that were compromised in the data breach.”

But there are many accounts that have been hacked, and several of those have already been revealed as being vulnerable.

Twitter is not the only social media platform to be affected by this data breach.

The Wall Street Journal has published a list of all the Twitter accounts affected by the breach.

Facebook, Google, and Yahoo have also been hacked.

The breach at Twitter also affected Instagram, which has about 400 million users and has more than 1.3 billion followers.

Instagram’s privacy policy is vague on how users can access their information, and many users have found that they cannot delete their personal information.

In the case of Twitter, the breach affected accounts that had at least one follower, such as @pjw and @alexander_tidings.