Happy New Year!

We’re kicking off the year with a bang with some awesome new TupperWARE Treeful products!

It’s been an incredible 12 months and we’re excited to have a little fun and bring some great products to you!

Here’s what you’ll get for free when you buy the TupperWare Treeful TupperWashTreatTreats from Tupper Ware (US):The TupperTree.

The Tupper Tree is the ultimate in all things treehouse.

Whether you’re a treehugger, tree-gathering junkie or just a regular person looking to take advantage of the best Tupper ware available, the TuckerWare Tree is a dream to have.

This TupperTreat offers a range of tree-friendly dishes that are easy to prepare and are ideal for family gatherings and parties.

For more details on the Tuberware Tree, head to the TuiterWare Treehouse on Facebook for more information.

And we’re kicking things off with a Tupper Washing Treat.

A classic Tupper wash treat that’s perfect for keeping the dishes nice and clean.

We love to use these treats at parties to help keep dishes looking shiny, clean and ready for their next meal.